Django Unchained: Quick Review

January 26, 2013

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Quentin Tarrantino can still make solid films. Christoph Waltz, who was mesmorisingly good in Inglourious Basterds, also commands your attention in this one. Jamie Foxx is brilliantly cast, insomuch as his inability to match Waltz’s acting talent is well masked by good direction.

Unlike Tarrantino’s other work, Django follows a single storyline and doesn’t get [wonderfully] side tracked in a series of subplots. Apart from only a couple of scenes, I found myself fully engaged with the performances – even Samuel L. Jackson’s questionable portrayal as aging plantation housemaster. Whilst DiCaprio’s performance is about par for him, it is nigh on riveting.

The inclusion of Quentin himself playing an Australian cowboy (at least I think that accent was supposed to be Australian) accounts for the loss of half as star.

Ultimately it’s a revenge flick, punctuated by well crafted dialogue and intensely contrasting blood baths. My high expectations were well met.

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