Blue Valentine

January 7, 2011

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In a word, it is just that. A story told from the time-disjointed perspective of two young hapless lovers, whose directions in life hit an abrupt cul-de-sac. One, happy to ‘be’ as he found his match, the other restless for what could have been.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams do a stellar job.  See it with someone you love.

It isn’t all hearts and kisses, but it is sweet .. bitter sweet at times.


IMDB 7.9/10


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3 Responses to “Blue Valentine”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Seen Half Nelson? Ryan Gosling is fantastic.

  2. Justin Moss Says:

    I haven’t … but I will soon (now in my queue) 🙂

  3. Justin Says:

    The Guardian says “It’s touching, but [it has] just a hint of an actors’ project” 3/5 stars

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