Corporate-but-Casual: Mixed Messaging

May 21, 2010

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I’m liking this new direction that some corporates are taking with dumbed down messages that take the formality (or the  perhaps better the “technicalities”) out of domestic software error notices.

Firefox “Well, this is embarrassing” Restore Page

The first time I saw this is, I was mightily impressed by their .. humanity (I guess).


Photo credit: axbom (CC)

DropBox “Grab a Snickers”

After noticing that my uploads were approaching an ETA of a day (hotel wifi sheesh!), I kept checking back to see the latest estimate (who knows perhaps my the neigbouring hotel guest had finished downloading his home movies) .. only to greeted by this little gem. They’re kind like Easter Eggs in programs, but more overt and therefore accessible. I love it too Elaine!


Virgin Mobile Tries it on too!

.. but fails. If you’re accessing your voicemail and you key in the wrong sequence of numbers, a napf, cocky & kitch voice (yes, all those three adjectives) asks you “Feeling a little bit tipsy?”.  This isn’t humble enough for my liking.

But generally with all these, I like the direction.

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  1. submarinu Says:

    Fake Attitude anyway, made to fool clients. Corporate religion is Profit and will always be.

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