HP MediaSmart Servers coming to Australia .. kinda

October 6, 2009


LX197 & EX490 for Australia – no EX495

Just got off the phone with HP Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) … HP will release LX197 & EX490 Windows Home Server based machines on the 19th October 2009 (less than two weeks).  That’s right, no EX495 (Grrrr! HP).  This is contrary to reports on the OzziCom Blog which indicated [as we’d hoped] that EX490 & EX495 would be released in Australia.

The EX490 will retail $AU899, but probably a “lot cheaper” at DSE & Harvey Norman

StorageWorks X510 Data Vault

No word on X500/X510 – which means neither a denial nor  an admission – however, an article over at WeGotServed seems to quote a press release that these specific models were coming to Australia (amongst other countries)

If HP were smart [they wouldn’t have brought in the LX197!] they might put aside the X510 just for a business push – a smart move.

Update (13-October): MediaSmart EX490 *and* EX495 in hp.com.au

2009-10-13_0946Is this a sign of things to come? Entering “EX490” and “EX495” in the Search field of HP.COM.AU (HP Australia) now displays results for these two machines. Could this mean that the EX495 is also going to be available in Australia? (we live in hope)

Search results for “EX495” on hp.com.au »
Search results for “LX197” on hp.com.au »

A week ago, this wasn’t the case. I guess we can expect to see the LX and EX products on the front page on the 17th (October).

Update (14-October): Data Vault X510 also in hp.com.au

2009-10-14_1754And in other news ..” the Data Vault X510 is also now list in search results hp.com.au.  Might this be the reason the EX495 will [reportedly] not be coming to our shores [choosing to market the power version as the X510]?

Search results for “Data Vault X510” on hp.com.au »

Update (15-October): Gizmodo Confirm Prices: EX490 $AU900

Gizmodo Australia have word on the prices for “LX197 and EX490” » and, via their comments, receive a few protests about price parity issues – which I second.  Let’s not forget though that these prices are RRP and will likely be subject to discounts and rebates.

Update (17-October): Orangebyte are listing the Data Vault X510 1TB $AU919

Orangebyte.com.au are listing the 1TB, 2TB and 3TB versions of the X510 for sale


Keep you’re eye on the getprice.com.au for the latest changes.

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4 Responses to “HP MediaSmart Servers coming to Australia .. kinda”

  1. Graeme Says:

    Ripoff,ripoff,ripoff! For the EX490
    US RRP $549 converts to $AUD622

  2. Scott Brown Says:

    Yeah I updated my blog posting this morning saying this exact same about the EX490 & LX197.


    I am looking forward to getting my hands on one when finally released.

  3. Justin Moss Says:

    Thanks for the update Scott. Of course, I heard “LX197”, but incorrectly noted it as the “LX195”. We will be getting the LX197 (according to HP). Fingers crossed for the EX495.

  4. Harry Says:

    Hey there
    i can confirm the PowerVault x510 home servers will definitely be coming to Australia, in 1Tb, 2TB and 3Tb forms.

    Expected street date is 11th November and this is the reason why they will not be bringing in the EX495 as they are physically and software-wise, identical.

    The advantage of the EX495 however is the 1.5 TB HDD rather than just the 1Tb in the x510 but other than that, all else is equal

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