Spotted #001 – random photographic observations

August 6, 2009


This is the first in a series of random photographic observations made during the forgoing weeks (or whenever we get around to it):

You Know You Need Some Love When …

spotted01-hungariansalami … the Hungarian Salami in your local supermarket has you thinking in ways that Woolworths did not intend when printing the weekly labels ;-o

Full disclosure: I don’t know any Hungarian girls, so I don’t speak from experience – but I am sure they are lovely (and well groomed).

What the Hell! .. Just say “25% off”

spotted01-myerMyer and their deceptive advertising practices! According to this special, if I bought one bed linen item, I’d save 0% (nothing!).  If buy two, I save a maximum total of 25% (not the implied “50%”). What’s worse?  If I buy a third it is presumably at 0% off, this the effective discount for three items is 17%, not “50%”

(and yes, thank you, I feel a lot better now)

The Gaping Void between Chinese Manufacturing and Quality Control

spotted01-usbdock1I am all for the relocation of labour-intensive manufacturing processes (well, I’m not really, but that’s a story for another day) to China.  Can you imagine what I would have paid for a today’s flat screen TV that cost me $1000 ten years ago, assuming it was made in Japan or the US?  I’d say about $5,000 – and that’s not even adjusted for inflation.  However, where I have a problem with Chinese manufacturing (and the local companies that choose to import this crap) is the knock offs of legtimite products, probably constructed in the very same factory. Companies like VW and Apple have proved that you can produce a very high quality product the Wild West East that is China, as long as you have good quality control, strong licensing in place and a strong production oversight.

spotted01-usbdock21Not so in this case.  Let me tell you that this USB Dual Disk (IDE/SATA) product was utter crap – the lack of basic quality control for the production of the back (not mention complete lack of branding) should have, and did, say it all. In fairness to PCCaseGear, they didn’t argue my “this is junk” complaint and [fairly quickly] refunded my money (after it killed two drives mind you!).

Death Still the Best Sales Driver

spotted01-michael-jacksonHistory continues to prove (with all art), that death is the smartest move you can make to increase your [family’s] net worth.  On this stand in my local music store, I counted 8 of the top 20 albums by Michael Jackson.  There’s no doubt Michael Jackson was a legend – but it was a shame to see that, presumably because of his odd behaviour*, his death became too quickly a laughing point.

* Can you name a supremely creative person (living or dead) that wasn’t at least 10 pounds “weird”? I wish I were weirder.

Photo credit: Laura May

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