GMail – too much space is never enough

May 16, 2009

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What a full GMail inbox looks like

I always wondered what GMail would do if, and whatsmore if I even could, reach/ed the capacity of my GMail account.  Well, as if to prove one of the corollary of Parkinson’s Law, today I discovered the limit of GMail’s patience with by hammering it (as an ’email mule’) using one of our marketing email systems (AKA email ‘blasts’).  It turns out that 8000 emails x 0.5MB turned out to be just the ticket/needle.

1. Notice the warning at the foot of the page


2. The obligatory warning about imminent disaster


3. Then distaster strikes!


4. Do you want fries with that?


It strikes me as odd that for increase in information (from which their index and hence marketing potential increases) there’s even a point at which they need to charge you at all!


[wink] I have to say though that Google’s handled the whole thing with a respectable level of composure.  On occasion however, I did get the “your email account has been suspended due to suspicious activity – please try again in 24 hours” message, however, logging out then straight back again solved that (more than once).

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2 Responses to “GMail – too much space is never enough”

  1. Watchmaker4 Says:

    Not that I’ve ever needed the extra space, but to solve the potential problem, I just signed up for multiple gmail accounts. Now, I use one for personal/family contacts, one for business, one when signing up for services like rhapsody or pandora, one for media files, etc., etc.

  2. meme wango Says:

    I only have 100 emails so I have a long time until it runs out

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