Delta’s response

May 9, 2009


A couple months ago, I wrote here about my horrible experience with Delta when trying to get from Boston to San Diego. At the time, I also sent my story to Delta’s customer service. Their response (which arrived a whole 2 weeks later) did not do anything to lessen my anger. In fact, it did the opposite. I had to wait this long just to let my anger die down in order to post it. Yes, I hate Delta that much.

Dear Ms. Lloyd,

Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the delay in responding to your message.

We sincerely regret your disappointment. Excellent customer service is key and your comments and observations are helpful in ensuring we maintain our goal of providing this level of service. We will make every effort to prevent anything similar from happening again. Please accept our apology for the poor impression, and we welcome further opportunities to be of service.

I realize this is a disappointment, and trust you will understand our position. We hope you will continue to make Delta your airline of choice.


Selastin Xavier
Online Customer Support Desk

To which I had only this to say:

Dear Delta,

You suck.

I realize this is a disappointment, and trust you will understand my position.


Photo credit: Delta (ExpressJet) N33182 by Drewski2112.

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2 Responses to “Delta’s response”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Only when the dinosaurs die out will there be improvement. Don’t fly Dinosaur Airlines!

    I swear, other than my old reliable standby, the only airlines I would even hazard would be JetBlue(and I heard a horror story about them) and Virgin Atlantic. Maybe. If SW flew to Europe, I’d take them there too.


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