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April 13, 2009

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I would (if I knew what you were trying to say)

Having been a fan of Thomas Cavanagh in Ed, I so very much want to like this show, but I am just not sure how it wants me to feel.  Eric McCormack plays Mason, the newly appointed Creative Director of the Mink Group, after the sudden death of “Stu” (his enigmatic and obnoxious forerunner) – he is serious about his work, not all that creative and stressed by the demands of his new role that have come without compensation (he got the new title instead of a raise).

Thomas Cavanaugh (Conner) plays his account partner [in crime].  This is the Ed role rehashed – a welcome return.  Conner is a lazy just-in-time, 35-come-10 year old .. an important part of the Trust Me formula.

Sarah Krajicek-Hunter (played by Monica Potter) is a wonderfully neurotic, almost hormonally-imbalanced, new recruit, supposedly with a good reputation.

All the secondary characters (Mason’s wife, Tony Mink, Tom and Hector) are all very strong.


In the same way that Scrubs tries to be superfunny but sums up with a poignant observation, Trust Me appears to want to be ‘semi-funny’ concluding, or rather punctuating, with an less obvious but still poignant moments.  It’s a funny mix – you never quite know if they’re trying to be funny or dramatic.  Is “dramedy” the right word here?


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