Transporter 3

April 4, 2009


I am fan, but this is Woeful

Transporter 1 was fabulously B grade but at its core, a good vehicle for a thin, but action-packed, story.  Transporter 2 was ludicrously funny a decent-enough plot and good martial arts screnes to keep you interested.  Transporter 3 however .. well: Jason Statham & Luc Besson – you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Ukranian co-star: as displeasing to the eye as she is to listen to and to witness her performance

Story: Someone remind me, what was the point again?

Action: Every car action scene is technically flawed an underwhelming

Music: James Bond esque – get youre hand off it Luc!

In Short

Luc has clearly relied on the strength of the franchise beefed up with some flash new cinematography and a bigger (and higher profile) Jason Statham.

Do we really need to remind filmmakers that effects and gloss just don’t cut it?  Look at Wallace and Grommit and numerous other low tech approaches – they work because the story is great.  Disney know it.  Luc knew it with The Professional (aka Leon) – what happened?  (presumably he got rich).

Very disappointing .. not even B grade.

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