Crane Driver Employment Opportunity: Dubai

February 14, 2009


Applications urgently sought .. anybody?

Lacking perspective in your current job?

World's Tallest Skyscraper (Copyright 2008 David Hobcote)

World's Tallest Skyscraper (Copyright 2008 David Hobcote)

Note quite “curvature of the earth”, but from almost 1km up (801m / 2,620ft), this might have presented a quicker resolution to the claims by Bacon, Copernicus, Galileo, Columbus, and Magellan.

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Source: E-mail (thank you Geoff!)

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9 Responses to “Crane Driver Employment Opportunity: Dubai”

  1. Matt Mata Says:

    Hi, im working in Sydney as a tower crane operator with RRS Rigging & Constructions.just saw the add recently and happy to hear more of this job.
    Hoping to hear from u soon.

    Cheers mate

  2. Andy Law Says:

    Hello, i have tickets for rigging, tower crane and mobile crane but, unfortunatly work hear in the UK is thin on the ground to say the least and i’m forced in temping and would love to hear more on this job.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. tim daley Says:

    hi im intrested in employment, anywere in the middle east, ive been driving tower cranes for 8 years, and recently just came of a job in iceland, building the largest hydro damn in europe, work is very scarce in the uk at the moment, and i love to travel an work anywere job takes me. i have no commitments back home and im available straight away, hope to hear bk from somone soon. thanx tim

  4. NateDog Says:

    What up, My name is Nate. I ran the tallest tower crane on the west coast of USA… Seattle that is. 750ft- in 08. I’m 28 with the eyes of an eagle and am in top shape for rapid climbing with special attention to inspection. I am single with no kids and ready to rock! NCCO Certified. People say I’m fast,safe and reliable. Good attitude with great references. Email Me-

  5. Jaffar L Hussain Says:

    Hello sir,
    I am very interested in Crane driving employment in Dubai.
    I have all unrestricted Tower crane , Portal crane, Mobile and Gantry crane and also a special class ship loader ticket, dogman, any front end loader, and elevated platform tickets.

    I was trained by the Australian Defence force and had to drive precisionally within 5 millimeters of tolerence for some jobs on the Royal Australian Naval fleet eg fitting 250 foot shaft and rudder assemblies and ofcourse super structure ship building.

    I have also had extensive experience with in the construction Industry here in Australia, Managing Cranes for Transfield and Driving for various other prominent Construction companies and now I would like to share my Talents and experience within Dubai.

    I am happy to negoiate Employment for any sort after Crane Driving Role.

    I have a current Austarlian Passport and would be ready for work at your convienience.

    I look forward to hearing from you for any future developments.
    Thank you


  6. M. Nawaz Says:

    I have more than 14 year experience in sites of road construction as a site eng, qs,site incharge,.I will feel happy to serve your company pls

  7. sadegh talebi Says:

    i live in Iran and i have experience about 16 years and i work with different crane like TADANO , KATO . P& H ,With different level from 3 ton to 160 tone i interest to work in Dubai . if you interest please let me know
    with regards
    sadegh talebi

  8. abbass akhjoo Says:

    i live in iran, me oprator tower crane POTAIN 646
    4year experience , & 26 year age
    thank you.
    abbass akhjoo …

  9. terence degnan Says:

    Hi i have ct,ra,rb,ri,co,dg,sl,bl tickets been in tower crane work the last ten years. i am very keen to work in dubai.I have a english pastport and australian pastport i have worked holland germany spain and the mines wa. i am single no children very fit and love rigging. plz contact me

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