Microsoft Windows 7: One Edition

January 12, 2009


Okay, so it’s going to be a “solid build” – good – we wouldn’t want a wobbly build!  However, what we’re all wanting to hear from Microsoft is confirmation that there will only be ONE product:

One Edition, not Six

Microsoft – please – not this again.  Just one edition “Windows 7” – simple, clean.  If you want to sell licensing to add-on modules, fine, but make sure that the core product covers 90% of your customers’ needs right out of the box. The add-ons should be true specialist tools – Media Centre, Tablet Computing, Developer Tools, etc.  The entire Windows 7 ‘extended’ environment should require a max of five add-ons, at say $19 per module, with most specialist customers likely only to need a maximum of two add-ons to complete their required configuration.

Forget this insulting and arbitrary delineation between “Home” and “Business” – the toolset is common enough that the OS should be the same for all customers.  Customisation tools (desktop, fonts, colours, etc) provides ample means necessary to personalise your home workspace from office workspace.

By offering one substantial product, and thereby demostrating a modicum of respect for your customers, you will be rewarded with loyalty .. or better (think Steventologists / Fanboys).

[Rant ends here]

Windows 7 beta

Get your geek on – install the Windows 7 Beta – but, peeps(!), it’s a beta and it’s made by Microsoft, so dual boot the b*tch :-/

Update: ArsTechnica have a great article “What killed Vista will make Windows 7 fly

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Windows 7: One Edition”

  1. Harry Says:

    Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista when it comes to performance. i like Windows 7 just like Windows XP

  2. Arthtritis Treatment Health Info Says:

    i just installed Windows 7 on my PC. i just hope that it is as stable as Windows XP.

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