TV Review “Pushing Daises” Season 2

January 5, 2009


Wilting 🙁

It seems that the executives, eager to tone down the zaniness of the show to appeal to a broader [more stupid] audience, have had their way with the vigour that blessed Season 1.

The music is subdued, more conventional and much less original than that featured in the first season. The narration, once brilliantly delivered by the narrator (Jim Dale) and the pace setting highlight of every episode, has eased to a metronomic pace, as if the Mr Dale is making some kind of protest about the executives’ corruption of the original magic.

Timing, in a word, is what’s gone wrong with Season 2.  In slowing down the narration, the story and the complexity of script, that crazy high paced menagerie for which we quickly acquired a taste has wilted.  The whole thing has lost that “storybook come to life” feel.

Thought it’s only been two episodes, Pushing Daises seems to have lost it’s shine – who knows, perhaps I just need to get used to a new Pace 🙂  Perhaps, the rythm and delight that graced season 1 is yet to return – fingers crossed.


Update 1: With 12 episodes out of the way (probably all for Season 2), I have to ask myself if the show actually got any better, or the Producers’  Prozac Push finally came into effect.

Update 2:  Time of Death: November 2008Pushing Daisies is now truly living up to its title ~ tantamount to a crime in a TV world where countless other mind-numbing shows can run 6 or 7 seasons uninterrupted.

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