The Colbert Report – Why Censored on iTunes?!

January 4, 2009

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Come on Apple, get with the program!

rolling-stone-stephen-colbert-the-daily-show-38768_344_344The Colbert Report is brilliant show, but why do Apple/iTunes censore it!? They don’t censor their movies .. they don’t censor any other of their TV Shows.

B#tch and moan about it – tell Apple using their Request a TV Show page.

Can you explain the logic please – Apple? anyone?

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2 Responses to “The Colbert Report – Why Censored on iTunes?!”

  1. DB Ferguson Says:

    And here’s the weird part – it’s not edited on FXUK in England! I guess they release what’s available to the US on the US iTunes. They don’t make the episodes available anywhere else in the world.

    Here’s a most excellent example of no editing of the f-bomb by FXUK:

  2. Matt Says:

    It’s censored because Colbert upholds traditional American values! That is principles based on “a government for the people by the people”. Separate to such republics, there is what might be loosely termed an “Empire”. It’s roots are based way back when the Anglo-Dutch took control of the worlds seas, so assuming control, for the first time of a majority of all international trade routes. The beginnings of borderless international corporations began and has never stopped. They promote free trade, deregulation, globalisation and prefer parliamentary democracies over other forms of government because of the ability to more effectively control dissenting political voices that will arize. His show cleverly satirizes corporate America, and is allowed to be screened in America in order to identify viewers(Americans) that endorse such views. Ultimately the goal is to destroy republics by pitting them against one another or by creating civil wars. In the surveillance state that America has become, allowing Colbert to continue is a means to an ends, whether Colbert knows it or not!

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