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October 22, 2008

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You Look Nice Today

“A journal of emotional hygiene”

This is a classic “talking sh@t” podcast paneled by Merlin Mann, Scott Simpson and Lonely Sandwich.  Take for example the episode “Aunt Nancy” where they discuss the relative merits of purchasing domain names to capitalize on new x-ray airport scanning equipment – “xrayhotties.com” – they then move onto potential domain properties for Johnson & Johnson “coloncam.com”. In another episode the panel discusses the positioning of the brand for “You Look Good Today” with a new clothing line, “Lonely”, targeting Wednesday morning mall lurkers.  Another classic episode is “Man School”.  Great work – check it out (iTunes | YLNT).

East Meets West

The original talking sh&t podcast, though much more localised to a discussion of SF based issues.  Roger Chang and Tom Merritt are beautifully dissimilar, yet well versed on a wide range of history and local political and social issues.  As they say “sometimes random and definitely bizarre podcast of indeterminate topics”. Solid – recommended (iTunes | EMW).

Ze Frank

I’m not even sure if Ze’s podcast is still around, but it’s well worth checking out his back catalogue.  At one point he had a high energy full-frame video podcast where he espoused ‘virtues according to Ze’.  Well worth a look (iTunes | ZF).

Buzz Out Loud

Daily tech news in 25 minutes increments.  Fun, talented and professional – this is a tight crew, albeit floating – Tom Merrit, Molly Wood, Jason Howell, with a floating cast, Brian Song, Rafe Needleman, Brian Cooley and Natali Del Conte.  If you choose only one gadget/webware/techworld podcast, download it (iTunes | BOL).

And a late addition …

Technology | David Pogue (A video podcast)

No one simplifies technology like David Pogue, writer and video journalist for the New York Times.   Consider, by example, the way he boils down the review of the Sigma DP1 Camera and The First Google Phone. Get it (iTunes | nytimes).

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