Look – conjoined robot!

September 4, 2008


You’ve gotta love popbitch:

Guy & Madge display communication skills

Guy Ritchie’s PR assault in the press to help

his generally well-received new film, RocknRolla,

has, of course, touched on the state of his

marriage. “I love my wife… she is brilliant at

what she does”. It must be these romantic

statements that keep Madonna happy. “Everything

is going very well as far as I’m aware”, he then

added, a tad forlornly.

Madonna did turn out to support Guy at the film

premiere. Our favourite comment by a fellow guest:

“Her and Guy did a very bizarre and uncomfortable-

looking locked arms thing for 10 minutes

(including when walking up stairs) that made them

look like a conjoined robot”.


Source: www.popbitch.com

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